Tea Party Bridal Shower

When I got engaged nine months ago, never did I think all of this would be happening so fast. Actually-I knew I wanted a short engagement because we’ve been dreaming of this day for five years. But what I didn’t prepare myself for is all the planning and parties that lead up to the big day.

The bride-to-be gets so pampered in preparation for her wedding day. Why don’t we do the same for the man? I’m just not one who likes to be the center of attention so all these parties give me quite the anxiety.

A few weeks after getting engaged my aunt asked if she could start planning my bridal shower-of course I said yes. Then a few months later my future mother-in-law asked if she could host a local one. How can I say no to that?!

But knowing I would have to be in focal point for another party, I started to get nervous. I’m not good at small talks and meeting new people. I accept it’s something I need to work on so maybe all of this is a good thing. She sent out the invites and everything went great. I told her she could plan whatever themed she wanted and that this was all in her hands.

Erin, my future MIL decided to throw my a “tea party” bridal shower. Which happened to be on the same day as the royal wedding. How fitting! She grew up having tea parties with her mother and this was something that met a lot to her growing up.

I loved the theme simply because it meant so much to her I felt like she was trying to have those same experiences with me.

We were all asked to wear hats and gloves while we were served ice tea.

We played games and drank mimosas. It was such a beautiful time catching up with friends and meeting all of Erin’s closest friends.

It was a rainy afternoon but that did stop us from laughing and carrying on. We played a game that was similar to charades, which was very uncommon for a bridal shower but we all loved it and it really made everyone get out of their shells.

Thank you to all the ladies who came out to spoil me. I feel so under qualified to deserve so much love and gifts.


The Future Mrs. Radoux

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