About Me

If you meant to find my blog or you accidentally stumbled upon it, thanks for stopping by and I hope we can connect!

If anything I hope you can laugh at my attempt to tackle life as a mid 20 something.

My name is Stephanie and I am the owner and creator of Styled Wood Home Decor.
Every since I was a young girl I’ve always been known to play by my own rules ( or just play by myself.)  From playing in the woods and being adventurous, making lama noises out the school bus window, and even rolling in the mud to making friends…that’s how you make friends right? You could say I wasn’t your typical human growing up.

High school was rough,  I managed.

College was lame, I dropped out.

The corporate world was boring, I started my own business.


But anyway, have you met my dog? He’s pretty awesome!